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Michael, Germany:

What I liked: It was very surfing-specific (core, rotation, shoulders, balance…), it was very much to the point and each exercise is well described with text and photos. All workouts are structured in such way that they target the whole body and I think that if you adjust the weights or repetitions, they would challenge all levels of fitness – even very advanced surfers. My favourite part of the book was about nutrition. I totally agree with Troy’s philosophy of alkalizing your body and eating natural foods to get the most out of it. What you eat makes massive difference.

I wish the guys included more smoothie & salad recipes.

Overall, great value. I recommend this book to all surfers, especially to beginners and those that are being held back by their fitness levels, don’t have a chance to surf very regularly or want to improve their balance/strength.


Jon, Australia:

Hi Troy! Just a quick feedback for you: Did your surf fitness program for 30 days to get fit for my Fiji surf trip. I have never been in a better shape. I combined your advice with drinking less, haha!! Never felt better. Cheers mate!

Steve, Sydney, Australia:

Hey Pete, thanks for getting in touch. Great program, lots of good advice. Been using your program for 4 months now and I feel really good.

Ian, Perth:

Yo guys! Great surf program and the best investment I did all year. Keep up the good work.

Brian, Queensland:

I’m in my 50s and love to surf. Thanks to Easy Surfing Fitness program, I keep in shape all year and keep my body strong and ready for the yearly surf trip with my mates.

Jeff, Florida

I’m not even halfway through the program, and I’m a better surfer than ever before. Who would have thought that a quality workout routine and good diet would help my surfing so much!

Jon, Brisbane:

It wasn’t easy getting in shape after being out of water for a few months. Thanks to Easy Surfing Fitness program, I was in a great condition on the yearly Mentawai surf trip with my mates. Thank you!

Brian, Gold Coast

Hey Troy. This program is a great value for money, and I haven’t even read and applied all books. Halfway through, I have plenty of things to apply and this program already exceeded my expectations.

Pete, Scotland

Probably the best surf program on the market, of all that I have tried. Love the video series, and the nutrition book is just a great bonus that you won’t find elsewhere.

Suzi, UK

Hey guys, just e-mailing you about my progress with the program. I’m up to Stage 2 and feeling fitter than ever!! Thank you a lot for your work and support.

Jake, Australia

Troy and Dave! Meant to message you for ages. Thank you for answering all my questions and especially for your surf fitness program. I absolutely love it. I visit your blog almost every day and there is so much information here. Keep it up!

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