3 Fun Activities That Will Help Your Surfing Fitness

Core Strength Workout, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Yoga for Surfers
Hey fellow frothers! Hope you all have been planking daily and building a strong core as we prescribed! If you are tired of working out in the gym or want to try something new that makes getting fit for surf fun, here's our 3 favourite activities that help our surfing fitness, are fun and help us get out of stereotypical training routine. Here is how to get started: (more…)
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4 Tips for Improving Your Endurance

Endurance workout, Stand-up Paddle Boarding
Hi friends! Surfing itself is a really good sport for keeping yourself fit and in shape. However, there are times when you have been out of water for a while and now you might be going on a surf trip, or perhaps you missed a few weeks of surf due to bad conditions, illness or other circumstances. Whether you need to catch up on your previous level of fitness or take it to the next level, give these 4 exercises a try for 3-4 weeks and you will see significant improvement in your endurance: 1) Sand running: If you are lucky enough that you live nearby a beach, running in soft sand will challenge you more than jogging on a solid, flat surface. Interval running of 30 seconds easy jog…
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