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Most of us, surfers, are reasonably in shape from going for a surf on a regular basis. However, have you ever thought if you are reaching your potential when it comes to your health, fitness, energy and surfing ability?

Most of the people don’t even come close.

Our body is meant to be strong, full of energy, power and flexibility. The biggest enemy of our absolute vital health is our lifestyle that makes us sit for long periods (work, commuting, TV, pubs…), the unhealthy foods that are widely available and marketed… and our own bad habits like wrong posture, smoking, stress and fatigue that prevents you and me surfing as much as we want.

Here is a surf fitness program that helped hundreds of surfers that I coached, to take it to the next level. 

Tip #1:

Build a strong core and focus on body-weight exercises.
Surfing is a physically demanding sport and nothing can prepare you better to hit the waves than an extremely strong, flexible, and stable core. The better developed your core, the better you will be able to rotate your hips for a bottom turn/snap/cutback, handle a big wave, duck-dive, and paddle.

Bodyweight exercise directly transfers to surfing movement better than weight room exercise and high-tech gym equipment. Try this exercise as a part of your workout.

Bird Dogs with Fitball

  • Begin the exercise getting on your hands and knees with the Fitball under your core.
  • Lift and extend outwards the opposite arm and leg off the floor simultaneously.
  • Focus on reaching away from the center of your body while balancing on the ball and keeping everything in line and stable.
  • For a more advanced movement try holding this position at the top for longer.
  • Perform for 60 seconds, then move on to the next exercise with only 15 seconds break in between. This way you build both strength and stamina.

Russian Twists
This is an excellent core rotation exercise. Your core is at the base of all your movements and you will often contort your body when you surf.

  • Begin sitting upright with your knees bent.
  • Lift your feet off the ground and twist your obliques and core so that your left elbow comes towards your right knee.
  • Go back and forth twisting in slow and fluid motions. Slowly breathe in and out.
  • If you want to make the exercise more challenging hold a weighted object (such as medicine ball) when you are twisting back and forth.
  • The key is to maintain slow and stable movements while keeping your core at work the entire time.

For a full workout, please visit

Enjoy your day!

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