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stockvault-surfer113329Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet so many surfers get it wrong. If you do it too, you miss out on your chance to start the day off with a nutritious meal that sets the tone for the rest of your day.

There is nothing wrong with an occasional bacon & egg roll on the go, and a big breakfast with bacon, sausage and hashbrowns sure tastes amazing. But we don’t need to eat lots of heavy calories every morning, and bread, bacon and BBQ sauce surely aren’t our best options. Getting in right habits and find an equally tasty alternative for a pre- or post- surf meal will over time make a massive difference to your vitality and surfing.

Smoothies are for sure the easiest breakfast option to make at home. Just get all the ingredients, add them in a blender and whiz until smooth. Here are 3 breakfast smoothies every surfer should try:

3Surfer’s breakfast #1: 1 Cup Orange Juice, ¼ Cup Fat Free Greek Yogurt, ½ Frozen Banana, ¼ Cup Raspberry or Strawberry, 1 Scoop Whey Protein, 3 Grams L-Glutamine. This is a great combination that gives you vitamin C, Potassium, iron, calcium, amino acids and lean protein.

breakfast in a blenderSurfer’s breakfast #2: 2/3 Cup Coconut Milk, 2/3 Cup Almond, ¼ Cup Greek Yogurt, ½ Cup Oatmeal or Rolled Oats, ¼ Cup Strawberry, ½ Frozen Banana. This smoothie will keep you full until lunch time and packs a great combination of vitamins and nutrients with slow digesting carbohydrates.

1Surfer’s breakfast #3: 1 Cup Orange Juice (Never from Concentrate), ½ Cup Frozen Strawberry,
½ Frozen Banana, Juice from ½ a lime, 2 Tbsp. Chia Seeds. The delicious tastes of orange juice, strawberry, banana and lime makes this a healthy start to any day. Chia seeds give you some dietary fiber and omega-3 acids.

If you liked these, you will love Troy’s new book Sweet Tooth Smoothie Recipes: Delicious Weight Loss Smoothies That Taste Like Your Favorite Desserts that is available on Amazon.

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