What’s the best cardio workout for surfers?

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What’s the best cardio workout for surfers? Most people assume that the best way to lose weight and get fit is some form of consistent and static cardio. They might think that running on a treadmill for 30 minutes straight, at the same speed, is an incredible workout for losing weight and getting fit. Similarly, most also think that this translates into helping you increase your endurance for surfing. This could not be further from the truth.

Cardio program for surfers

The best form of cardio for your surfing, to lose weight and get a lean, athletic body is high-intensity interval training. Surfers are high-intensity athletes and require short bursts of energy and explosive movements. Surfers must react very quickly both physically and mentally. You need a surfing cardio workout plan that caters to these demands.

Here’s a sample workout from Cardio Workout for Surfers e-book that you can download here:

Surfer’s Cardio Blast

Main Exercise: 5 x 20-second sprints (maximum speed). Sprint at full speed for 20-second interval periods.

Cardio workout for surfers

Complementary Exercise: Bodyweight lunges (20-30 each leg). The combination of these 2 exercises will challenge your fast twitch muscle fibers and also create powerful leg drive. This is an advanced interval training superset but can really take your surfing to the next level. You will be far more explosive and powerful after a few of these workouts.

Cardio workout for surfers

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