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Hey fellow frothers!

Hope you all have been planking daily and building a strong core as we prescribed!

If you are tired of working out in the gym or want to try something new that makes getting fit for surf fun, here’s our 3 favourite activities that help our surfing fitness, are fun and help us get out of stereotypical training routine. Here is how to get started:

1) Yoga

Improves your lung capacity and increases your flexibility and strength, yoga is also great

for your balance, coordination and mental focus. Yoga is a very effective exercise and implementing it in your daily routine helps on so many different levels – emotional, stress-relieving, spiritual, mental and physical. A must-try!

2) Stand-up Paddle-boarding (SUP)

A fantastic sport to build your balance and stronger core! I know many experienced surfers who have actually dismissed SUP, something they deemed to be for beginners or people who have no clue about “real” surfing and who are scared of waves – until they tried it! It can be challenging at the beginning, but once you get used to the big board and a paddle, it will be fun, will build your physique and will keep you stoked on days with no waves.

3) Kayaking

Kayaking will build your shoulders and forearms, which will improve your paddling, duck diving and pop-up. You can do this sport in a variety of conditions: still water like a lake or a bay, river, white water or ocean (sea kayaking or surf kayaking – getting increasingly popular among surfers).

So give these 3 fun activities that will help your surfing fitness a try, and please comment and share…

Surfing Yoga

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