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Hi all!

Building a Strong Core? There is a lot of information and advice out there on improving your core muscles – easy to get confused before you even start. Our team has tried several approaches and exercises and we will be sharing these with you over time on this website.

THE best workout technique for your core is the most simple one and you can incorporate it to your daily routine: Planking! Daily do just 3 series of 30-60 seconds (more if you are advanced) and you will see noticeable difference in your overall core strength within the first month. The best part: Can be done anywhere, not equipment needed!

The following planking exercise also helps strengthen your shoulders, knees, back and hips – the muscles you use when paddling, standing up or doing cutback, snap and bottom turn.

ABs planking

Here is how to get started:

1) Lie on the ground, supporting your body just with your forearms and your feet.

2) Keep your body in a straight position and brace your core.

3) Keep your eyes on the groun and your legs and arms not moving.

4) Hold for 30-60 seconds per set, depending on your current strength.

5) Be consistent and repeat this exercise at the beginning of every stretching or workout session.

Remember that consistency is the key. Congratulations! You are on your way to build a strong core shoulders and hips.

Keep an eye on our blog and we will be sharing advanced planking techniques in the near future.

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