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Hi and welcome to our website!

Are you a surfer? Or someone that wants to learn and improve? Or perhaps you are someone who is looking to get that fit and lean body and maximize your energy?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions – Welcome to the Easy Surfing Fitness family! We are stoked to have you on our website and would love to share with you our professional fitness, surfing and nutrition advice.

You’ll sure agree that surfing is an amazing sport and lifestyle. Once you pop up and ride the wave, you get that feeling which is like no other. To be in connection with nature and move in harmony, which is a special gift that all surfers have.

That sounds pretty poetic you may say! Well, in fact surfing is a very dynamic and demanding activity which puts strain on your body and requires you to be in the perfect physical and mental state, to be able to take on the waves that the ocean is pumping. To be able to last in water, keep the balance, paddle hard, catch more waves and prevent injuries.

And we know it. That’s why we created Easy Surfing Fitness. We are here to help ALL surfers, regardless of your age and level, help you maximize your energy, improve your nutrition, teach you how to paddle and face the waves with more power and how to have better balance and stamina.

It amazes me sometimes how many surfers out there don’t know how to look after their bodies to achieve their surfing and fitness goals and prevent injuries. Whether you are a someone that surfs less then once a week or an addicted charger that starts every day with a surf session, you need to remember the importance of the following pillars of health and wellbeing:

  • fitness and endurance
  • strength
  • body energy from the early morning till you go to bed
  • nutrition and diet
  • flexibility and mobility
  • injury prevention

In our program, we guide you through all pillars of peak surfing fitness and teach you how to achieve your goals.

  • Download your Surfing Fitness Blueprint. This is a complete surf fitness training designed for all surfers. There you will find the best of what we’ve learned and taught over years of surf fitness coaching.
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